/Buffalo Billy + Avocado Toast

Buffalo Billy + Avocado Toast

^^ My cleaning lady gave us this cute buffalo onesie (it’s by Carter’s and came with a buffalo check vest!) Thomas calls Birch “Billy boy” sometimes (a nickname he calls lots of people – I can’t explain it) and so when Birch wears this outfit his name is Buffalo Billy!

Happy little Billy!

Eats From This Week

French toast / peanut butter / bourbon syrup / clementines / coffee

Mini chocolate smoothie with granola before a workout. I made it with oats the day before and they soaked up the milk and it was thick like overnight oats! Kind of like a dough boy smoothie.

Caper chicken salad we made from leftover chicken thighs plus kale and greens, broccoli, peppers, cheese, and homemade croutons.

More of the same minus chicken plus avocado. And probably plus pita chips :mrgreen:

We are absolutely obsessed with this avocado song that Mazen learned at school. (There is a dance too!) I am trying to get the hip hop moves right, but am struggling to look cool doing so – ha! We’ve got lots of avocado on the brain as a result! So while humming the song, I thought to make avocado toast for lunch! I melted a little pepper jack cheese on top. On the side: yogurt, mango, and chocolate chips.

We had teriyaki meatballs from Plenty this week. Loved that yummy sauce all over everything!

Multi-Cultural Night

And on Tuesday night Mazen and I had an easy dinner before I took him to his school’s Multi-Cultural Night. Quiche + kale salad for me. Leftover pizza, salad, and red peppers for him.

The event was great, and the kids had little passports (with real Polaroid photos!) to take to each classroom that had a different culture. We learned a lot and got to taste different cuisines too.

Mazen’s Calendar

Mazen is one busy bee! Organic Valley sent me this calendar, which I gave to Mazen because he’d been asking for one. He makes all kinds of little notes about things going on in school or weekend activities. Only he can translate them!

Car Thief

I entered my car to find this the other day. Violated by a crook. Luckily I don’t keep anything valuable in my car. The person did not even steal my quarters or gum though. Strange.

Target Trip

As much as I would love to go to Target alone and slowly browse each aisle, a trip up to our Target (which is a good 15 minute drive) also makes a great activity for me to do with the boys after school. While I don’t believe that Mazen needs a toy with each visit, it does make the trip much more enjoyable for us all if I give him a little budget for a treat. I try to think of it like I’m paying to go to a kids activity center for the afternoon.

I have tried no toy, toy at the beginning, toy at the end, and think I found the best technique: I told him he had a $10 max budget (which rules out most of the big toys and leaves more crafty, useful things like art supplies and silly string) and told him every time he asked when it was time for the toy aisle or whined, I was knocking $2 off of his budget. He didn’t make a peep until all of my shopping was complete!

Which meant I finally got to buy some faux eucalyptus :mrgreen:

I also bought this Hearth and Hand candle that smells just like the Rewined candles I love.

CF + Cookie Monster

I recently attended an event at Common House for the Virginia Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to celebrate its 2019 Charlottesville’s Finest Honorees. My friends Sarah and Caroline are Honorees this season, and I am glad to continue supporting the CF Foundation. They put on a Brewer’s Ball event every year in June that is a great time and a great fundraiser.

At the event they served these Nightengale Ice Cream Sandwiches out of Richmond. OMG it was sooooo good!! Two chocolate chip cookies + cookies n cream ice cream inside. As far as I can tell, the Hunt Country Market has them here in Cville.

Clothing Swap

As you might have seen on Instagram, I spent some time this week getting my old warm weather wardrobe out of storage. Since I was pregnant last summer, I haven’t seen these clothes in two years! I washed and sorted everything and took a LOT of things out of my closet that I didn’t wear this winter to donate. And I started packing for our trip – I had to make sure what I was packing fit – luckily most of it did! Surprisingly my shorts all fit. What I wasn’t expecting is that my breastfeeding bust is too big for some of my summery tops. Can’t wait for that to shrink back down.

See you on the sunny side!

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