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Garage Banned

Happy Monday you guys! We had such a great solid weekend. I can’t describe what makes me have that feeling by Sunday night, but I do think sunshine has something to do with it. And feeling productive – productive we were!!

On Friday my intern Emily and I hosted a fondue + wine happy hour for a few friends so Emily could give a presentation on facts and myths around dairy. (The presentation was a requirement for her internship.) We made it really fun, and my friends enjoyed the quiz. Everything about dairy is not as black and white as some of the cows that make the milk!

The fondue was delicious and we literally ate every drop of that yummy cheese. Our dippers covered three food groups: fruit, veg, bread! (Good because this was my dinner! I tried to go heavy on the broccoli :mrgreen: )

Wines from my wine club + a few extras. The Zwicker white was so good – my favorite.

On Saturday morning Mazen helped me get Birch up for the day. It’s nice that the Lotus crib sits on the ground so Mazen (and I) can get in through the zipper side without fear of breaking it. (I have a longer post including more on the crib coming up!)

Mazen and I quickly got dressed and raced out the door and down the block to catch Matt running in the Charlottesville 10 miler race. He told us to be there at 8:15. We arrived at 8:03. We heard later that he ran by at 8:02! He was in race mode.

Mazey was sad to miss him, but we saw other friends of ours run by. It was a lovely day for a race! Maybe I’ll run it next year.

Back at home, Thomas and Birch were making us blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes! I cut mine up toddler-style to eat : )

I was actually SO excited to wake up on Saturday to tackle the messiest garage in America. We let the garage go all winter long, tossing this and that in there to deal with later. We were waiting for a mild, wide-open Saturday to tackle every nook and cranny and this was the day! (The bulk of the middle pile is boxes from our treadmill and rocking chairs waiting to be recycled.)

I actually love a good project! We put a lot of stuff (like old sporting chairs and umbrellas we were done with) at the curb with a sign “free” and most of them were gone by the end of the day. We relocated a few things to other storage areas in our house, and everything was removed from the shelves and not put back unless it was marked as an important garage item. Junk is now banned from this garage!

In the middle of the day we took a break from working to take Mazen to his soccer game! PB & J snack before we left.

B took a cozy nap on his dad.

Mazen did a great job on the field! I think he’s going to be a strong defender. He’s got a great kick and naturally gravitates towards a defensive mindset.

It was our day to bring snack. Have you ever seen 12 kiddos surround a cooler of snacks all at the same time!?

Panera was on our way home, and since our fridge was pretty empty, we picked lunch. App order + drive-thru FTW!

Thomas and I got back to work for a few hours while B napped.

I gave the boys an early brother bath because we had a babysitter on the way! Is there anything more delicious than a freshly bathed baby in jammies!?

Thomas and I took showers next and headed out for an early dinner at C&O! This week three years ago we had our first date there. (Just a drink that time.) We had no idea how much our lives were about to change <3

My opal ring finally fits! T gave me the family ring when Birch was born. My fingers are back to normal after pregnancy, and I had the size tweaked too.

C&O has a fancy, upscale upstairs and then a more casual bar on the bottom level so it’s almost like two restaurants in one. We love the atmosphere in the bar. And they have THE BEST BUTTER! We asked why it was so good, and he said it was triple cream butter topped with flakey sea salt. Must find some. I ate waaaay too much bread + butter at our dinner, but it was very much worth it.

We ordered a trio of apps and two vegetable sides for dinner. The best way to do it! + a glass of white wine.

Tuna + grapefruit + mint + jalapeno + olive oil drizzle

Scallops + raisins + cauliflower puree and artichoke hearts + greens + parmesan butter

Duck confit + butternut squash + ricotta gnocchi and roasted beets + citrus + greens + cheese + pumpkin seeds

And the climax of the night – sticky toffee pudding with ice cream and whip <3

We left early enough so that we could be home in time to tuck the boys in (and nurse Birch before bed.) I actually really like going to dinner at 5:30 – you have the whole evening ahead of you!

On Sunday we had sunshine and warm temps!! I tackled the winter clothes in my closet, donating anything I didn’t wear all season. And T and I had back-to-back soccer games.

Smoothie bowl with blueberries, granola, and coconut magic shell.

Hope you guys had a great one too.

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