/Tranquility Bay: Days 2 + 3

Tranquility Bay: Days 2 + 3

{Read about Day 1 here}

Nothing but sun, sky and water here. We’ve been having a wonderful time at Tranquility Bay.

As I mentioned in my last post, we actually moved houses on the morning of our second day. We chose this resort because of the walk-out porches onto the beach, and despite multiple requests to be as close to the swimming beach as possible to keep a close eye on the six-year-old, we were assigned a room way at the other end of the resort. The location was still lovely and had a pretty view and would have been great for just Thomas and me, but with the kids, it was our last choice of location. Thankfully the resort was able to move us on our second day. The move was SO worth it because we’re now surrounded by kids, and Mazen can run out at anytime to play.

Birch has been sleeping so-so at night, but he’s been taking some decent naps, so one of us has been porch-side while the other has been with Mazen – on the beach, at the pool, or doing an activity like the putting green.

Every morning we throw open the french doors in our bedroom and all climb in bed to sip coffee and play games.

For Monday lunch, I got a take-out shrimp salad from the tiki bar. And added some of my own pita chips! It was quite delicious and so convenient to be able to eat back on our porch.

The iguanas are everywhere by the pool!! I’m not afraid of them in general, but when you feel a tail slip by your foot or get surprised by one under your chair, it’s not so exciting.

We were a little worried that there wouldn’t be too many kids here, but it’s actually very much a family spot. We have three kids next door to play with, and Mazen made friends at the pool and spent hours playing games! It was so nice to finish Where The Crawdads Sing while watching him play from my chair.

We dressed up for dinner and went for a little promenade before heading to the Butterfly Cafe, the “nice” restaurant on the property.

Birch decided he was done with photos at the last second!

We dined on the Butterly Cafe porch, which was so nice!

I had panko-crusted grouper with a tropical sauce, mashed taters, and veggies. I brought half home for lunch. We also had an almond-crusted goat cheese app and a delicious bread basket. And I got a complimentary bottle of wine for bringing in a coupon from the TB newsletter!

For dessert – a date cake with a toffee sauce. I loved the butterfly cookie!

We left just in time for sunset by the water.

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On Tuesday, I had more toast + PB for breakfast – this time banana smash style.

We spent more time by the beach and pool. The days go by way too fast.

Thomas and Mazen went out to lunch and to the store for provisions (aka junk food!), and Birch and I walked in the stroller for 2 miles round and round the resort while he took a little nap. I would love to be waking up and going for sunrise runs or hitting up the workout room everyday, but honestly that’s just not possible without leaving the family for an hour and so I decided just to not worry about working out this week. A little walking and swimming will have to do!

I had my leftovers for lunch – plus pita chips and an apple! And double stuffed Oreos, naturally.

Mazen caught himself a little turtle!

Tuesday night we ventured out for dinner at the Lighthouse Grill, just a few resorts down. I had a smoked pineapple margarita!

And local snapper, picatta style, with a fig-polenta cake and broccolini. Also saved some for lunch!

Pirate jammies seemed appropriate : )

See you again soon with a recap of our final days!

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