/Tranquility Bay: Final Days

Tranquility Bay: Final Days

We had such a wonderful time on our trip! While I always wish I could extend the carefree vacation vibe indefinitely, I really, truly like coming home, especially with lots of good memories. Plus there was so much sand in our bed that I don’t think I could have slept there one more night!

Six year olds don’t really know to brush sand off their feet before climbing in :mrgreen:

But the view from that bed has me dreaming of putting a dormer into our home master bedroom! I just loved all the fresh air right when I woke up.


We picked up some eggs and more fruit for breakfasts the second half of the week. Yum!

The Marathon Turtle Hospital

On Wednesday I had planned on taking Mazen to the turtle hospital next door, but Birch (who was not sleeping so great at night) took a THREE hour nap that day. In an effort to travel light, I didn’t bother bringing a pump or bottles, so I had to be there when he was ready to nurse. Thomas took Mazen instead, and they had a great time!

The hospital is right next to Tranquility Bay so you can easily walk over.

Afternoon by the Pool

I took Mazey to the pool all afternoon, which was dreamy. I do not usually like pools as much as the beach, but this was one of my all-time favorite pools! It was slightly heated (but sun or heaters, I do not know) and had a lot of clover-shapes to escape out of the way into. And it was zero entry so you could walk right in! (Also good for babies!) Mazey made lots of friends, so I was really able to relax in my chair and in the pool.

After naptime, look who came to join us! He really showed zero reaction to the water. I guess that means he didn’t hate it! His little bathing suit was so cute!

Dinner at Butterfly Cafe

We showered and dressed up for dinner and went back to Butterfly Cafe (the resort restaurant) for a second time. Mazen went gecko hunting while we waited for our food.

Thomas and I shared four dishes – an AMAZING tuna app (in the background) with seaweed salad plus a classic salad.

Plus a crabcake app and coconut shrimp entree! (Mazen had pizza. Always.)

Afterwards we walked around looking at the water and watching the sunset. I love dusk at the beach.

Don’t tell the kids, but every night we had ice cream on the porch after they went to bed!!


Breakfast + Water Sports

Our final morning – Thursday – we had breakfast on the porch again and sunny skies to be thankful for. (That is cream cheese – not butter – all over my toast!)

The boys did water sports this day. We didn’t know until our neighbors told us, but you get a free hour of (single person) kayaking per day! They upgraded to a double for $19.

B and I went for a little walk. Babywearing is not as fun when it’s HOT!

Lunch + Nap Time Reading

Lunch was a PB&J and leftover veggies from dinner.

During nap time, I started this book! So far it’s really good. I love all of Elin Hilderbrand’s novels! I finished Crawdads and can’t wait for the movie. Because you know there will be one!

And because Thomas loves to spoil Mazen, they went on a jet ski later that afternoon. I think it was the highlight of Mazen’s trip!

Afternoon at the Beach

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach – catching crabs, snorkeling, building sand forts, and making friends.

Dinner at Sunset Grill at Seven Mile Bridge

For our final dinner, we went to the famous Sunset Grill recommended by so many. We ate down by the pool and enjoyed some live music.

Unfortunately, we did not really have a good dinner. Service was super slow, and the food was just ok. I don’t think we were expecting it to be so casual! I don’t mind casual if the food is amazing, but everything was just kind of meh. They did have a drink named after Survivor though!

Conch fritters –

Grouper (I had local fish every night and it was always great) with a tropical sauce plus rice and blah veggies.

This is what Birch’s chewing did to Thomas in the Boba during dinner!!

More fun during sunset <3

Return Trip

We left on Friday morning and were really glad we decided to leave an hour earlier than we anticipated because we hit traffic and had other travel snafus (like a crying baby) that meant our trek to Miami’s airport took longer than expected. And then the Miami airport was a total cluster of disorganization and tons of walking. We walked two miles INSIDE the airport and barely made it to the gate in time after picking up a very late lunch to eat on the flight. (HI to the blog reader who recognized me on the plane! I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat more!)

Stay tuned for a more formal review of the resort!

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