/LIVE: Jacob Zuma back in hot seat at state capture inquiry

LIVE: Jacob Zuma back in hot seat at state capture inquiry

2019-07-17 11:30

Former president Jacob Zuma faces a third day of questions at the state capture inquiry in Johannesburg.


Former president Jacob Zuma testifies at the Commi


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The commission resumes. 

Zondo says to Zuma that Barbara Hogan told the commission that Zuma told her that her only option for Transnet CEO was Siyabonga Gama. 

Zondo says that if this is true, it “may well” be interference. 

Zuma previously said he was concerned about being asked about governance details. 

Zuma says now that even if he had a view on Gama’s appointment, it would not have been the end of the matter as the appointment would still have had to go through a process. 

Zuma says he has denied the accusation that he interfered, and he has an issue with having to go through all these details. 


Either Zuma is lying, or three high profile public servants are. In the last three days he has flatly denied, or claimed he cannot remember, the testimony of:

1) Themba Maseko (former GCIS CEO)

2) Vytjie Mentor (former MP, chair of Parliament’s public enterprises committee)

3) Barbara Hogan (former public enterprises minister)

All three have pinpointed Zuma as someone who allegedly interfered in the hiring and firing of people arbitrarily at best, or maliciously at worst.

– Sarah Evans

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