/US singer laments SAA’s handling of delayed flight due to damaged door

US singer laments SAA’s handling of delayed flight due to damaged door



South African Airways is in the global spotlight after American singer Deborah Cox tweeted some harsh criticism of the airline, after her experience on a flight from Accra to Washington DC.

The starlet said on Monday that the airline decided to fly with a ‘damaged door’ and eventually had to return to Accra, after an initial delay.

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Tlali Tlali, the spokesperson for SAA, confirmed the incident, but denied the lack of service.

“Whilst on the ground in Accra, the flight was delayed for approximately three hours after an aircraft door was damaged by a catering truck… The aircraft door was fixed, inspected and found to be in working order to operate the flight.”

“The incident has had a knock-on effect on the flight SA210 from Washington DC to Johannesburg via Accra. Our crew in the United States assisted passengers who needed to travel and could not afford to wait for the replacement flight to reach Washington DC,” he said.

According to The Aviation Herald, the flight turned back 13 minutes after departure as a result of another technical problem. The passengers were placed on a replacement A330-300 plane and went on their way to Washington with a 17-hour delay. 

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