/5 things that happen backstage at the Miss SA pageant

5 things that happen backstage at the Miss SA pageant


Captions: Five former Miss South Africa winners have joined forces with the Miss South Africa Organisation to launch this year’s Miss South Africa campaign.(PHOTO: Paul Samuels)

Cape Town – For so many years, the Miss SA pageant has showed the country perfection on stage and on our TV screens, but have you ever wondered what happens backstage?

Well, we were fortunate enough to be invited, and here are five crazy things you might’ve never guessed happen behind the scenes:

1. There’s one makeup artist for every three girls, and the makeup artists must be fast with each face and remain as precise and creative.

2. Contrary to popular belief, the Miss SA pageant doesn’t necessarily function like fashion runways – the finalists have a separate room for their costume changes and privacy, unlike most runways where models walk around naked.

3. The girls are served real food, and not just salads.

4. Even though they feel a lot of pressure and nerves, the 16 finalists spend a lot of time snacking on chips and taking selfies, sharing jokes and laughing with each other – the atmosphere is not hostile, even though it’s a competition.

5. If you think getting ready in five minutes is not possible, think again, because these ladies changed into their different costumes in just five minutes or less.

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