/South African artist and designer Carrol Boyes dies

South African artist and designer Carrol Boyes dies

16 minutes ago

Carrol BoyesCarrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town – South African artist Carrol Boyes died on Wednesday after a brief illness. She was 65. 

Carrol was the founder, creator and CEO of The Carrol Boyes retailer in Cape Town.

Company spokesperson Michelé Stuurman confirmed the tragic news, saying: “Carrol will be remembered for her love, her story and her quirky creativity.”

“Carrol leaves our nation with a legacy of excellence, unity, empowerment and pioneering functional art. She will be greatly missed,” she added.

About Carrol’s legacy, Michelé told Channel24: “Carrol demonstrated the very highest values in her business; integrity, playful perspectives and passion for design and for her staff. Her personal touch will inspire and stay with us always.”


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