/SNAP SHOT: The state of South Africas crime

SNAP SHOT: The state of South Africas crime

Here are 6 stories delving into the national crime trends based on the latest statistics released by Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Crime Stats 2019

Police Minister Bheki Cele and his team on Thursday presented a dismal report on the latest crime statistics with contact crimes such as murder and sexual offences increasing.

Murder up 3.4%, sexual offences rose 4.6% in 2018/19

There is a steady fall in shoplifting, and other crimes like cash-in-transit heists, which were prevalent last year, dropped by 1.7%.

Shoplifting is on the decline in SA – down by a third over the past decade

And while police say bank robberies have decreased by nearly 70%, the South African Banking Risk Information centres says the opposite.

Police say bank robberies are down 70% in South Africa. South African banks say they doubled

Which is the is the kidnapping capital of the country? This police station saw an increase of 14.7% in kidnappings in Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

Kempton Park is the kidnapping capital of SA

While there has been a decline of 6.2% of murders in Nyanga, it remains the place where the most murders in the country take place. Five other police stations in Cape Town fall in the top 10 areas where murders are reported.

Murder stats: 6 out of 10 worst murder areas in Cape Town – and Nyanga remains murder capital

With the murder rate increasing for the seventh year in a row, it is clear that policing alone is not enough to stem high levels of violence in South Africa, the Institute for Security Studies says.

Crime Stats: Policing alone isn’t enough to stem violence in SA – ISS

Compiled by Maxine Becket

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