/Bullets, balls and brandy

Bullets, balls and brandy

An Overberg mechanic says his testicles were shattered when he and a burglar were wrestling for possession of a firearm and it suddenly went off.

Murandi (MC) Fletcher says doctors warn he will be infertile after the incident, but he is glad that at least his “big weapon is still intact”.

However, besides the nagging pain in his “crown jewels”, MC has another concern.

He and his wife, Annelise, have had to deny rumours in the fertile Elgin Valley over the past week and in a tabloid newspaper that Annelise actually shot him for being “naughty”.

On Friday, in their log home next to the Viljoenshoop road, the couple explained in elaborate detail what “really happened” last Sunday night.

MC is a former security guard. He says a bullet pierced his neck in a robbery in the Free State in 2003.

He showed City Press the injury, saying he was never treated for the post-traumatic stress he suffered after the incident.

As he chatted, he lit up a cigarette and walked up and down the cramped, dimly-lit room with its large fish tank, memorabilia and birdcage with parakeets.

Annelise began to explain what really took place on Sunday night just before 8pm.

It was raining at the time.

“Outside the house, a boerboel and a Rottweiler were on patrol. In the house were the two domestic dogs and six cats,” she said.

“We were still waiting for one cat to come in, so the sliding door was open.”

An Overberg mechanic says his testicles were shattered when he and a burglar were wrestling for possession of a firearm and it suddenly went off.

She and her 13-year-old daughter, who was wearing headphones, were in a room.

MC’s bookkeeper, who lives in a back room of the house, was in the shower.

“MC was standing here at the kitchen,” said Annelise.

“I was a few ‘paraffins’ down,” interjected MC. “Brandy. All the lights were off, except the TV.”

According to Annelise, she heard “something”.

“I thought: ‘What the f**k’s going on!? It’s probably MC shooting rats with the pellet gun.’”

Annelise said that, as she entered the front room, MC stood there.

“He just said: ‘Someone was here.’ I said: ‘Don’t talk sh*t to me!’

“When I looked down, I saw blood coming out of the legs of his shorts. He wasn’t even aware he was bleeding.

“He then said: ‘The guy had a black ski mask on, with holes for the eyes. He was wearing branded sneakers, with luminous markings.

“He’s gone now – he slammed the door shut.’”

MC again intervened to continue relating the story.

“I just looked at him. Then I grabbed his hand and pushed it down. Then the shot went off.”

Annelise said her husband “was hit in the ball bag. The bullet just missed his big ‘weapon’.”

The couple then called a “lady” they knew who is a psychologist, and she called the police. MC was taken to Worcester Hospital by ambulance.

Police apparently could not find the bullet in the house later.

“The doctors took out the bullet,” said MC. “They say I can’t father children any more.

“They also say my voice is going to change and my beard’s going to change… and that I’m going to become depressed.

“It’s not something new to me. After the first shooting in 2003, I’m not afraid of anything or anybody.”

Annelise said she was “very cross” about the rumours that she had shot her husband.

“We’re telling you now: we’re going to get legal advice,” she said.

MC added nothing more to the story, but stroked his beard calmly.

Police spokesperson Mihlali Majikela says a charge of attempted murder is being investigated.

“Circumstances surrounding the incident are still being investigated.

“No one has been arrested yet,” he says.

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