/PIC | Are you deaf? – Olympic swimming hero Terence Parkin allegedly attacked in road rage incident

PIC | Are you deaf? – Olympic swimming hero Terence Parkin allegedly attacked in road rage incident

Celebrated South African swimmer and Olympic medallist Terence Parkin has been allegedly attacked in what appears to be a road rage incident.

Parkin, who is deaf, won a silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in the 200m breaststroke and holds the record for the number of medals won at the Deaflympics.

In videos which have been circulating on Facebook, taken from what appears to be a dash cam in Parkin’s vehicle, a man in a silver BMW 7-series can be seen swerving from left to right in an attempt to push Parkin’s car into oncoming traffic.

In another video, which Parkin recorded on a mobile device, the cars are stationary and the man confronts Parkin as the former Olympian gestures in sign language.

“You need to see a doctor,” the man says. “Are you deaf?”

The man then appears to assault Parkin, but the visuals are not clear as Parkin loses control of his recording device during the alleged attack.

terence parkiun

A screenshot showing injuries to Terence Parkin’s face.

In subsequent videos, taken at a service station, Parkin is visibly injured, bleeding from the nose. He again gestures in the direction of the man, who is sitting in his vehicle.

Just before driving off, the man tells Parkin: “Now you need to get a doctor, huh? Because I think you’re mental. Mentally you’re not right.”

It is unknown when and where the incident took place.

The videos, which had in excess of 250 000 views, have since been removed from social media.

News24 attempted to get comment from Parkin’s wife, Ingrid, who said she would not comment on the incident as an investigation was pending.

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, of which Parkin is an ambassador, told News24 it was not aware of the incident.

In 2001, Parkin saved a seven-year-old boy from drowning after he reportedly got sucked in by a swimming pool vent at a Johannesburg gym, Sport24 reported.

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