/Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Christmas wreath

{My new wreath from Target!}

Hi friends! It feels like forever since I chimed in with a post. Did that weekend feel long to anyone else? We had lots of hustle and bustle with family and friends Wed – Friday and then Thomas and I spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing and recharging. It was a super Thanksgiving holiday overall!


Grammie + Pea Came To Visit!


Grammie brought Gus a toy duck, which he promptly tore apart. Grammie was not too happy!

pet dog

Wednesday: Bball + Date Night

On Wednesday, Thomas took my dad to the UVA basketball game, and then G+P babysat the boys while T and I went on a date. We went to Ten Sushi and had a great time!

date night

Thursday: Thanksgiving

We each took a shift in the kitchen. I made cranberry sauce (Teri’s version with bourbon!) and Pinch of Yum’s Sweet Potato Casserole.

cranberry sauce

Mom made her popular corn pudding, and Thomas smoked our turkey on his Big Green Egg!

thanksgiving turkey

He was happy as a clam smoking on our new porch!


I put together a mini version of the charcuterie board from last week.

thanksgiving charcuterie board

And set the Thanksgiving table!

thanksgiving charcuterie boardthanksgiving charcuterie board

Thomas’s parents and T’s cousin, Michael, also joined us. (Mazen was there but he was too cool to get in the group photo so we didn’t force him.)


familyfamily photo

I had an egg sandwich for breakfast, nibbles + cheese board for lunch, and a big plate for dinner at 5:00. Plus a generous plate of pie with whipped cream! We had three kinds: pumpkin, pecan, and apple, all from Paradox Pastry.

thanksgiving dinner

Birch loved the corn pudding and sweet potatoes! His first real Thanksgiving.


We were all worn out for the day and in bed by 9.


On Black Friday, I woke up and made a cranberry sauce smoothie! Hoping to share the recipe soon.

cranberry sauce smoothies

Thomas and I went to ACAC for a post-Turkey Day workout (led by Matt, yes that Matt!)

exercise buddies

We said goodbye to Grammie and Pea and then had friends over all day to watch the UVA football game! The new porch TV was installed just in time. Thomas was in heaven! We had sandwiches and some beer and did lots of cheering (and chasing after kids!)

outdoor tv

Trim The Tree

joy pillow

Our sweet little tabletop tree couldn’t hold too many ornaments. But the minimalist in me is loving it! Mazen had so much fun getting out the Christmas decor this year.

christmas tree decorating

While Mazen, Birch, and I decorated, Thomas reheated all of the leftovers. I think he put more on my plate than I had on actual Thanksgiving!! But that was no a problem – I still ate it all :mrgreen:

thanksgiving leftovers

I watched the latest Survivor episode on the edge of my seat!!


We couldn’t wait it relax on Saturday after having company for a few days in a row. I went to my 8am workout class and had a slice of pie (!) and the rest of a smoothie for breakfast. Mazen went over to Matt’s for the night, and T and I caught up on laundry, emails, and couch time.

Saturday evening we went to a friends’ party for a bit before watching a couple episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix. It’s our new favorite show!

9 To 5 is my new favorite holiday lip color!

Beautycounter is on its final day of the best deals of the year!


Sunday Yoga

Breakfast of eggs, fruit + scone.

pre yoga breakfast

I was SO THANKFUL to get to go to a 75 minute hot yoga class at The Elements! My body and mind needed it so badly, and it had been way too long.

post yoga

Hope you guys had a great holiday full of joy!

What was the highlight of your long weekend? Buy anything good for Black Friday?

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