/WATCH | Rover takes first steps since amputation after teen bodybuilder broke puppys leg

WATCH | Rover takes first steps since amputation after teen bodybuilder broke puppys leg

Rover, the puppy that had its leg broken in Bloemfontein on Sunday night, allegedly by a teenage bodybuilder, has taken his first steps since his leg was amputated on Monday. 

In a video posted on the Bloemfontein SPCA’s Facebook page on Thursday, Rover can be seen bravely taking on the world on his three remaining legs. He seems unperturbed by his missing limb and runs around without losing his balance or falling down. 

The Bloemfontein SPCA thanked the public for its support in donating toward Rover’s surgery and recovery costs. 

On Wednesday, the animal welfare organisation told News24 it was “overwhelmed” by the massive public response after it rescued Rover from a home in the Bayswater area on Sunday after 23:00, where it was found in excruciating pain. 

A 17-year-old self-proclaimed bodybuilder told SPCA officials that he had broken the dog’s leg after googling how strong bones were and what amount of force could break them. The teenager apparently told SPCA inspectors he wanted to “test his strength”.


Local SPCA inspector Duan Matthee said he was “shocked” by the number of people who had donated toward Rover’s surgery and who wanted to adopt him.

“We’ve had more than 300 people saying they want to adopt Rover and we have had more than 30 formal applications. We could also cover all the medical costs.”

The video features a montage of pictures of Rover before and after his operation, and shows the puppy getting up and running on his three legs. 

“South Africa, you gave Rover a second life,” reads a caption in the video. 

A case of animal cruelty against the teen, who cannot be named as he is a minor, was registered on Wednesday, Matthee said.

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