/eThekwini regional conference must be held in first quarter of 2020 – Zikalala

eThekwini regional conference must be held in first quarter of 2020 – Zikalala

The ANC’s biggest region, eThekwini, will host its elective conference before the end of the first quarter of 2020, party provincial chairperson Sihle Zikalala said on Monday.

“We are going to have a conference in the first quarter of the year. We would not want to see ourselves getting to the middle-of-the-year plan without conferences. All of that should take place early this year so that in May we are on the ground for the elections campaign,” he told journalists.

Zikalala was speaking at the ANC KwaZulu-Natal lekgotla at the Coastlands Hotel in Durban where he was closing the conference.

He said there were several reasons for the delay of the hotly contested region.

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“It is to ensure processes are conducted in a manner that would satisfy all comrades in that region. When we go to conferences, we have to go through an audit process and go through the branch general meetings (BGMs) and that’s way we have a plan to start processes right now.”

ANC KZN provincial chair, Sihle Zikalala reminded

ANC leaders should not be about status

Zikalala said being an ANC leader was not an easy task.

“It should not be an easy process attached to mere status. It should be informed by a desire and commitment to serve the people and you should have a respectable track record.”

He added party members “should at all times serve the forces of the revolution”.

“Every programme, in whose interest are we engaged in that programme. If it is the interest of poor and working class, we are correct.”

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Zikalala said senior members of the party had to resolve issues internally.

“We will not tolerate ill-disciplined ANC and NEC members who go around belittling resolutions of the organisation. The ANC does not operate on Twitter. There is no branch on Twitter. We are always open to debate and engage internally. People who want to debate the policy of ANC must come to structures.”

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