/Real Meals + Valentines

Real Meals + Valentines

Real Meals + Valentines

^^ One of my three Valentines!!

And here’s the other captured at school! I love seeing him in the wild.

Real Meals + Valentines

We had a low-key V-Day this year and decided to stay home with the kids and do a special dinner at home. We go out to dinner a lot, and I never feel that we HAVE to go on February 14. So we had Mona Lisa Pasta baked ziti, parmesan broccoli, and opened some wine. We slow danced in the living room while the boys chased each other in circles!

For a special dessert, the kids and I walked to The Pie Chest and picked up 3 slices to surprise Thomas. One slice from each of us. Mazen made cards, and we pulled them out after dessert. Dark Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, and Coconut Cream Pie! Heavenly.

Real Meals + Valentines

T and I watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix after bedtime. It was SO GOOD and I didn’t want it to end!!!


I went to my 8am workout class and then went directly to Mazen’s basketball game after where I met everyone (Matt, Thomas, Birch). Mazen scored his very first basket!!!

A much needed refuel: egg sandwich, blueberries, nana.

Real Meals + Valentines

Saturday Adventures!

Birch walking around in his marshmallow suit always cracks me up.

Real Meals + Valentines

Leftovers for lunch – a big old salad.

Real Meals + Valentines

Sweet Potato How To

I’ve been roasting up a pan of sweet potatoes every other week (so the kids don’t get sick of them). They’re so good to put on salads too. I cut the sweet potatoes into fries, arrange on a baking sheet with parchment (so it’s easier to clean), toss with olive oil, salt and cinnamon and bake for about 40 minutes at 425 degrees.

Real Meals + Valentines


Birch was a little under the weather over the weekend. We think he is about to get a bunch of teeth. He has red cheeks, tons of drool, and fussiness. I checked his ears and they looked ok, so we gave him some Motrin and extra love.


mom and baby


On Saturday night I headed over to Sarah’s for a Galentines party! I told Sarah I was bringing her a dozen roses – on my dress! An old Stitch Fix fav! (You can always get $25 your first order via KERF 🙂 )

rose dress

Sunday Relax

Daily Harvest smoothie bowl. (You can get $25 off your first box there too with the code katheats!) This was Black Sesame and Banana – loved the new flavor!

Daily Harvest smoothie bowl

Someone was up before sunrise, likely teething again. Can anyone relate? I sent this pic to my friend – haaaalllp!

Lately --> Real Meals

Missing weekend recaps on Monday mornings?

One of you commented yesterday that you missed my weekend posts. I have always liked writing a weekend recap because those posts are fun and easy to write. They take me so much less time to write compared to topic or recipe posts. That said, for a long time I’ve struggled with when to write them. On Sundays I’d much rather be playing with my family than sitting down to work. Writing those weekend posts started to hang over me the minute I woke up on a Sunday. I considered publishing them Monday afternoon and writing them Monday morning, but that leaves little room for flexibility. I haven’t wanted to push them to Tuesdays because the weekend seems a bit less relevant on Tuesday.

So my compromise is to share weekend + weekly “lately” posts blended together when I can fit them in, likely on Tuesday or Thursday with topic posts on MWF. I hope you guys will continue to be understanding as I’m figuring out the best balance between motherhood and KERF.

Lately –> Real Meals

One more thing to note: Lately posts have been recategorized as Real Meals! Because that’s what they usually are 🙂

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