/WATCH | Here are some of the antics South Africans have been getting up to in lockdown

WATCH | Here are some of the antics South Africans have been getting up to in lockdown

South Africa is officially under lockdown and the majority of us are faced with a three-week stretch of time spent at home – be it with family, friends or in solitude. It’s a situation that very few of us have ever faced, and it is certainly the first time that we have faced it together as a country.

While News24 is able to see and cover what is happening to the outside world during the nationwide lockdown, we need your help to show us what is happening inside your living rooms, kitchens and gardens.

We asked our readers to send us their best, funniest and most creative videos of what they are getting up to while they are in lockdown – and they certainly delivered! 

Take a look at some of the submissions we have received so far.



We couldn’t go camping in Plett, so the camping came to us! Camping in the garden! (Bridget Jansen van Rensburg)


Everything is happening inside the house in respect of the coronavirus, says Nathaniel Mgiba.

Father teaching his son how to code. They are working on building a chatbot to help people understand the Covid-19 symptoms. It helps people by allowing them to do a self-assessment and letting them know if they are likely or unlikely to have contracted the virus. (Dessie Moonsamy)


Day 1 of lockdown, bought the wife a face mask to keep her busy, however I got pulled in as well. (JJ Du Toit)


The joy of entertaining a 5 month old… sanity reins.  (Megan Dunstan)


We are a family of four who live in Hillcrest, mom, dad and 2 sons – aged 7 and 3. Attached is a list of things we have for the lockdown. (Gavin Sweet)

Congrats to today’s winner: David Morris from Fourways, Joburg who has won a R500 Takealot voucher! 

Keep the entries coming! 

Send your videos, photos, stories, tweets and TikToks to us at feedback@news24.com, with the subject line ‘Life under lockdown’, and we’ll pick the best ones to publish each day.

At the end of each day, we will pick our favourite, and send you a R500 Takealot voucher as a prize.

Please include your name and location, as well as a bit of context, if you are sending a picture or video.

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