/WATCH | Stormers perform Johnny Cleggs The Crossing

WATCH | Stormers perform Johnny Cleggs The Crossing

2020-04-09 08:30

The Stormers have made waves on social media by releasing a performance of a Johnny Clegg song that they recorded in studio before the coronavirus lockdown. 

Accompanied by a few South African celebrities and musicians, the entire Stormers squad perform Clegg’s ‘The Crossing’.

Some voices are better than other, but the video opens with a quote from coach John Dobson that helps explain the thinking behind it. 

“Music and singing are integral to team spirit, so necessary in rugby,” the quote from Dobson reads.

“Choosing to learn the song of an iconic South African, taking our players out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to celebrate our diversity through music has been incredibly powerful.”

Dobson is a fan of music playing over the loudspeaker system at Newlands during training sessions, where players take turns in providing the playlist. 

Clegg, meanwhile, passed away in July last year at the age of 66. 

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